Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Matbah Stainless Canister Sets from Bombay Electronics Make Excellent Gifts

Gift giving isn’t always the easiest task in the world, especially if you’re buying for married couples and college students. However, there is a way to simplify the selection process and it begins with a visit to Bombay Electronics. In addition to bargain offers on popular electronic items, we also have great deals on Matbah Stainless Canister Sets. They are perfect for married couples and students. Here’s why:
  • Sleek looking, Matbah Stainless Steel Canister Sets make ideal gifts because they are gender neutral, compact, easy to clean and blend in with a wide range of interior design schemes. Plus, they are corrosion and heat resistant. So gift recipients may use the stainless canister sets virtually anywhere within a kitchen’s four walls.
  • The sets come with five, first-rate, round canisters, each of which is made by some of India’s finest craftspeople. The smallest, stainless steel container is 4-inches in diameter and stands 5-inches tall. The diameter and height increases with each of the set’s subsequent stainless canisters, ending with one that is 6-inches round and 7-inches tall.
  • What many people also adore about the 5-piece stainless canister sets are the see-thru, secure lids. Each of the five containers comes with its own one. They help to keep out harmful elements. Furthermore, the see-thru area makes the canisters’ contents clear to home and professional cooks alike with merely a glance. So there is never any need to open up and rummage through all five to find what one needs. Surprised gift recipients will surely appreciate that!
The other nice thing about purchasing a Matbah Stainless Steel Canister set from us is that there are great deals on other stainless steel, Matbah kitchen products too. Among them are non-electric rice/soup warmers, idly cookers, hot pots and masala dabbas. Therefore, you could combine the stainless canister sets with those other items to make an extra large gift box or basket. To learn more about all of the above mentioned products and more, please contact us today.

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