Monday, January 27, 2014

Travel Adapters: Find the Right Size and Wattage You Need from LiteFuze and Seven Star

Have you thought about buying some travel plug adapters so you can safely plug in your electronic items while in hotels overseas? You shouldn't necessarily jump to places like to buy them, namely because they might be slightly more expensive there. Perhaps you'll avoid some online discount stores, only because you think they aren't safe enough. But here at Bombay Electronics, we're a rare online international electronics store with the reputation of an in safety and reliability.

You can count on the most competitive prices for voltage converters and plug adapters at our store. However, when shopping for the right adapter, you have to think about the right wattage you need in order to accommodate your electronics. These aren't designed for heavy-duty items, and this should always be kept in mind. Nevertheless, we carry two terrific brand names that sell every compact adapter you'll need for easier travel.

LiteFuze Adapters
LiteFuze is one of the leading and reliable brand names when it comes to plug adapters. We sell various voltage converters and plug adapters from their line. One of the most popular is their LC-300 voltage converter that can handle any electronics up to 300w. The fact that it's lightweight makes it an easy choice to fit in a travel bag when visiting other countries.

When in use at your international hotel, the 300w model works like a fully grounded transformer, yet runs very quiet. It's also energy efficient and allows you to quickly step up or down your voltage depending on what country you're in.
LiteFuze even offers the above voltage converter in 100w or 200w variations for smaller electronic items. All of their converters have thermal fuse protection in order to prevent the concern of overheating. 

And don't overlook LiteFuze's universal plug adapter kit that gives you everything you need for plugging in across the pond. Sometimes you have to use these in conjunction with a voltage converter in order to make sure you're adjusting to the voltage in the country you're visiting. You should know that LiteFuze's plug adapter kit is compatible in 150 different countries.

Seven Star Voltage Converters
Seven Star is another of our most popular and reliable brand names in voltage converters. They sell numerous converters that handle just about any type of electric item other than hair dryers or curling irons. These are also very inexpensive, and the F-200w model is very popular with numerous five-star reviews. That's because it weighs only two pounds while managing to give you the functionality of a deluxe converter.

When you need something that can handle higher wattage, Seven Star gives you an upgrade in their 50-1875-watt model that we offer at a price not found anywhere else. This converter can easily handle hair dryers, irons and heating pads. Regardless, remember that these aren't designed for continuous use, which means you should always unplug them once something is fully charged or if you leave your hotel room.

Contact us here at Bombay Electronics if you have any questions or comments about our electronics inventory. With our winning recommendations from Google and the Better Business Bureau, you can trust us to give you one of the best online shopping experiences when buying electronics.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Best Value on a Region-Free Blu-ray Player: LG as a Name You Can Trust

Have you considered shopping around for the best value on a region-free blu ray player? While you might find plenty of discount electronic stores online, you won't find many with as many affordable prices as you can here at Bombay Electronics. Along with our superior reputation with the Better Business Bureau and Google, you can shop here in confidence. But that's made even better with the knowledge you'll be able to obtain Blu-ray player names you can trust.

LG has become one of the leading companies now of HDTV's and Blu-ray players. And with some people wanting to seek out DVD's or Blu-ray discs from other countries, a region-free player might be either hard to find or too expensive. Fortunately, we offer LG region-free players in different versions that will surprise you in price.

Our Most Affordable LG Player: The BP330
Here you have a basic but quality Blu-ray player that's guaranteed to play any region code from PAL to NTSC. It also plays all three international Blu-ray regions on any type of TV, including analog if you still have one.

With Smart TV applications and built-in Wi-fi, you get some amazing features for the price. You also have 1080p upscaling for all your standard-def DVD's. The surround sound is impressive and gives you everything you need for the best possible theatrical experience in your home.

We've given this a world class modification, and any updates to the player work easily with LG's firmware updates.

For Those Who Want 3D: The LG BP325
This model doesn't add a considerable amount to the price to have a basic 3D player that plays any 3D Blu-ray disc. While also playing any region disc from around the world, the 3D quality is notable because of its quality. You shouldn't expect anything less from LG based on their reputation. On this player, you get a bright 3D picture with no motion blur. Plus, you have brilliant 3D sound to complement it all.

Those Who Want to Join the 4K Fray: The LG BP730
This is the most state-of-the-art region-free Blu-ray player available by LG and conforms to those getting into the 4K TV trend. Even if 4K TV's are very expensive now, you can still use this on standard 1080p TV's as well as any TV. That's the real beauty of LG in their ability to let you do so much with little restrictions.

Along with 3D features and the region-free features on the above models, LG's Resolution Upscaler lets you enjoy the 4K quality with Blu-ray discs. This way, you can enjoy 4K clarity on your movies long before being able to see similar broadcasts on TV.

We have a considerable price reduction on this model you should strongly consider if you care anything about the clarity of your movies.

Contact us if you have any questions or comments about our LG Blu-ray players. Once you try an LG, you'll realize you made the right choice. However, if you need any technical support, we're here to help guide you through so you can enjoy your region-free movies without hassle.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Choosing a Voltage Transformer Doesn't Have to Be Difficult

At first glance voltage transformers appear to be simple devices; easy to choose and easy to use. This may be true if you are looking for converter to be used occasionally, perhaps during a short vacation. However, if you are looking to power anything besides a hair dryer or an electric shaver, especially on a continuous basis, then specifications and reliability should be your highest priority. To help take the confusion out of selecting a voltage transformer we've put together a list of items you should consider when making a purchasing decision.

Step Up / Step Down
Step down transformers convert the incoming voltage from 220v (or more) down to 110 volts. Conversely a step up transformer boosts voltage from 110v to 220 volts. High end voltage transformers usually include both circuitry in one unit. At the flick of a switch the voltage transformer can run in step up mode or in step down mode. This feature provides the best value and greatest flexibility for frequent travelers.

Wattage Capacity
Wattage capacity is the second most important specification (after step up /step down) and is the one most frequently chosen incorrectly. To choose wattage capacity all you need to do is add up the wattage consumption of all the units you plan to plug into the voltage transformer simultaneously. This information is usually found in the back of each unit and is listed as "watts". However, in the event that only an amperage value is listed, simply multiply the voltage of the unit x the amperage and the result is the wattage consumption. For instance, a device listed with a 3.0 amp rating which uses 110 volts consumes 330 watts.

Please keep in mind that some devices consume additional electricity when powering up. In the example listed above, the device listed at 330 watts may actually consume over 500 watts for a second or two when powered up. For this reason it's important to leave some "fudge" space to cover that small electrical spike. Most electricians recommend an additional 50% of available wattage above and beyond the sum total of the components you plan to connect simultaneously.

Circuit Breaker Instead of Fuses
In order to protect the devices connected to a voltage transformer (as well as the transformer itself) an emergency shut down mechanism is necessary. On lower priced units fuse protection is used. On higher end transformers a circuit breaker is utilized. A circuit breaker is clearly the better option since it won't require a fuse replacement in the event of a shutdown.

Multiple Output Sockets
An output socket is where you connect the devices you want to run. The larger the voltage transformer, the more sockets it is likely to have, but all things being equal, the more output sockets, the better.

Built-in Universal Sockets
Higher end voltage transformers sometimes include built-in universal sockets, such as the U.S. patented universal socket or the European Shucko socket. This is a handy feature since it avoids having to find a country specific plug adapter. With a universal socket you simply plug your device(s) directly into the voltage transformer with no additional adapters needed.

Bombay Electronics is a leading distributor of voltage transformers for domestic and international use, including brands such as LiteFuze and Seven Star. Please feel free to contact us and we'll be happy to help you choose a voltage transformer to suit your specific needs.

How to Select a Truly International Region Free DVD Player

You may have heard the term "Region Free" used in connection with DVD players and you probably understand that such players allow you to view DVDs from other countries. But how exactly does it all work and what features make up a true international, region free DVD player? To understand the basics, we need to cover three areas that potentially affect an international DVD player, and those are the DVD regions, the video standards PAL and NTSC and lastly, voltage.

The DVD Regions
The world has been divided into 6 DVD regions, with each one being assigned a number to more easily identify it. The U.S. and Canada have been assigned Region 1, while Europe has been assigned Region 2. All DVD players as well as recorded DVD media sold within a Region reflect this. So for instance in Region 1 all DVD players and all recorded DVD media are Region 1 units and they work perfectly with each other. However if you attempt to view a DVD movie from a region different than the player, the movie will be blocked. The only exceptions are DVD movies or media labeled "Region All" which will play on any DVD player regardless of Region.

The only way to circumvent this restriction is to purchase a region free DVD player, which is basically a unit that can read and play DVD media and movies from all regions. This is particularly desirable if you live overseas and can't purchase a particular movie locally. The only option would be to purchase the movie from outside your region and view it locally in a region free DVD player

As a reference, the 6 DVD regions are listed below:
  • Region 1 - USA & Canada
  • Region 2 - Europe, Japan, Middle East, North & South Africa
  • Region 3 - Taiwan, Korea, Hong Kong, Indonesia, The Philippines
  • Region 4 - Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, South America, the Caribbean and the Pacific Islands
  • Region 5 - East & West Africa, Russia, Eastern Europe, India and North Korea
  • Region 6 - China
PAL and NTSC Regions
Before DVD regions the worldwide video standards were PAL and NTSC. As in DVD regions, units from one standard will not work with units from the other standard. In the U.S. the video standard is NTSC while most of Europe utilizes PAL. An NTSC DVD player will not work with a PAL television and vice versa. So when you're purchasing a region free DVD player, it must either be PAL / NTSC compatible or it must have the same standard as the TV you plan to connect it to. Fairly simple, but getting it wrong will get you a DVD player that will be worthless in your target country.

Voltage is the last hurdle that must be crossed to find a truly region free DVD player. As we all know, voltage worldwide varies from 110v to 240v. Plugging in an electronic component with the incorrect voltage will either not work at all (voltage is too low) or will damage the electronic component (voltage is too high). To solve this issue international components have a switch which allows it to work in the 110 volt range or the 220 volt range. Don't forget though that you will probably need a simple outlet adapter (no voltage) which will allow you to physically connect the DVD player to the local electric outlet.

That's all there is to it. A truly international region free DVD player will work with all regions and should also be fully NTSC / PAL compatible. Plus of course, it should work with either 110 or 220 volts.
Bombay Electronics specializes in Region Free DVDs and offers models from world class manufacturers such as Pioneer, Samsung, Panasonic and Sony, amongst others. Please feel free to contact us and we'll be happy to find the perfect Region Free DVD player to suit your needs.