Monday, January 27, 2014

Travel Adapters: Find the Right Size and Wattage You Need from LiteFuze and Seven Star

Have you thought about buying some travel plug adapters so you can safely plug in your electronic items while in hotels overseas? You shouldn't necessarily jump to places like to buy them, namely because they might be slightly more expensive there. Perhaps you'll avoid some online discount stores, only because you think they aren't safe enough. But here at Bombay Electronics, we're a rare online international electronics store with the reputation of an in safety and reliability.

You can count on the most competitive prices for voltage converters and plug adapters at our store. However, when shopping for the right adapter, you have to think about the right wattage you need in order to accommodate your electronics. These aren't designed for heavy-duty items, and this should always be kept in mind. Nevertheless, we carry two terrific brand names that sell every compact adapter you'll need for easier travel.

LiteFuze Adapters
LiteFuze is one of the leading and reliable brand names when it comes to plug adapters. We sell various voltage converters and plug adapters from their line. One of the most popular is their LC-300 voltage converter that can handle any electronics up to 300w. The fact that it's lightweight makes it an easy choice to fit in a travel bag when visiting other countries.

When in use at your international hotel, the 300w model works like a fully grounded transformer, yet runs very quiet. It's also energy efficient and allows you to quickly step up or down your voltage depending on what country you're in.
LiteFuze even offers the above voltage converter in 100w or 200w variations for smaller electronic items. All of their converters have thermal fuse protection in order to prevent the concern of overheating. 

And don't overlook LiteFuze's universal plug adapter kit that gives you everything you need for plugging in across the pond. Sometimes you have to use these in conjunction with a voltage converter in order to make sure you're adjusting to the voltage in the country you're visiting. You should know that LiteFuze's plug adapter kit is compatible in 150 different countries.

Seven Star Voltage Converters
Seven Star is another of our most popular and reliable brand names in voltage converters. They sell numerous converters that handle just about any type of electric item other than hair dryers or curling irons. These are also very inexpensive, and the F-200w model is very popular with numerous five-star reviews. That's because it weighs only two pounds while managing to give you the functionality of a deluxe converter.

When you need something that can handle higher wattage, Seven Star gives you an upgrade in their 50-1875-watt model that we offer at a price not found anywhere else. This converter can easily handle hair dryers, irons and heating pads. Regardless, remember that these aren't designed for continuous use, which means you should always unplug them once something is fully charged or if you leave your hotel room.

Contact us here at Bombay Electronics if you have any questions or comments about our electronics inventory. With our winning recommendations from Google and the Better Business Bureau, you can trust us to give you one of the best online shopping experiences when buying electronics.

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