Sunday, December 29, 2013

Give a Foreign Plug Adapter

The holidays are here, and that means people are traveling to different countries.

Some people are taking advantage of the low cruise prices and opting to stay overnight off the ship. This is their first cruise and you know them well enough to know they haven't even thought about needing a foreign plug adapter for that night off the ship.

College students are going on winter vacations, or school mission-type trips to other countries. Are you sure your college student will think to get a plug adapter or just fry their hairdryers, curling irons, and electric shavers.
When you think of these scenarios, you might be thinking of Americans traveling and needing an adapter for Europe, Asia, Australia, or other countries.

But what about your friends and family traveling here? Or that college student traveling here to see you? Do they have that plug adapter for the United States? 

The need for plug adapters is traveling to all countries, including the United States. For anything that you would plug in, you need that plug adapter. It would be sad to plug your iPhone in without the adapter and ruin it.

There are various types of plug adapters to choose from. There is the universal type, or the types suited for certain countries. So, if you are traveling or know of anyone traveling for the holidays, give them the gift of using their electronics - give a plug adapter.

Wondering what kind is best? Just contact us and let's have that conversation.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Why Buy from Bombay Electronics? Enjoy Trusted Service Along with Excellent Discounts

If you've happened to run across our website, you might be wondering why you should buy from Bombay Electronics. The answers to that are more numerous than you think, and ones that go beyond the excellent discounts we offer on superior electronic brands. Take a look at why shopping with us can be one of the smartest decisions you make when shopping online for the holidays.

High Ratings from Third Party Sites
Thanks to our superior customer service, the Better Business Bureau has ranked us high through their online Reliability Program with A+. We're always here to help you during the day and six days a week, plus easy email communication with a customer service representative. You can't always find that at other online discount stores, and it's one reason why we also have high ratings through Google Trusted Service, eBay, and Reseller Ratings and Trust Pilot.

Extensive Inventory and Quick Delivery
Other discount stores sometimes have limitations on their inventory that can create a lack of choice when holiday shopping. We have over 5,000 items in stock, plus all the quality brand names you think of first. Everything is guaranteed to ship on time so you get all the best attention that all the major online stores provide. When you buy from us, we value your business and make sure you'll want to keep shopping with us for many more years.
In general, any product you purchase will be shipped within 24 hours. We even ship internationally for some products, which is something you won't find with many other discount stores. Plus, you can pick up your order in our Chicago headquarters if you happen to live in the area.

Free Tech Support
If you have any problems with any of the electronics you purchase, we're here to offer you tech support without charge. You won't find that very many places either. We have an excellent tech support team who know how to diagnose most issues over the phone so your product will be up and running successfully without further confusion. Tech support is available Monday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., plus through email.

No Sales Taxes Outside Illinois
The outside state sales tax issue has been a controversial subject in the last couple of years. But we guarantee that you won't have to pay any sales taxes if you buy from us outside the state of Illinois. That allows you to continue enjoying the discounts we offer that are frequently considerable.

Contact us here at Bombay Electronics if you have any questions about our electronics inventory and our discounts. You can be assured our prices will always stay low and never suddenly inflate as you might experience shopping elsewhere.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Oppo Region Free Blu-ray Players: A Brand Name That Should Be Better Known

An Oppo region-free Blu-ray player might be a brand name you haven't heard before, even though it should be known in every household. It seems only technophiles up on the latest Blu-ray technology know Oppo and everything they've offered in players over the last several years. Considering they usually only sell their players online and not in retail stores could explain why it's been a more inclusive group buying Oppo's products for years.

Take a look at why Oppo Blu-ray players are so superior and why they're well worth the extra price you pay. Here at Bombay Electronics, we offer them for less. We've also reconfigured the players to make them region free so you can buy and play Blu-ray discs from overseas.

Oppo Players are Sturdily Built with Few Technical Issues
If you're looking for a thin and light Blu-ray player, you may have to stick with another brand. But the brands we all know from retail stores still make Blu-ray players that suffer through technical issues. Oppo is a little bulkier in design, yet it's a plus in having durable component parts. Oppo players are also known for having very few if any issues with problems like freezing or not accepting certain discs.

Thanks to Oppo releasing firmware updates regularly, they can tackle virtually any Blu-ray disc. Now with our region-free upgrade, any disc can be played from around the world.

Superior Audio
Oppo is known for making Blu-ray players with superior audio capability. It's no different with their recent models, including our region-free players. You'll get Dolby TrueHD sound that's close to studio master quality, plus DTS-HD Master Audio for sound matching the lifelike images. Overall, you have to hear it for yourself to notice that Oppo gives a boost in sound other leading Blu-ray players don't have.

Comprehensive Media Support
In the last couple of years, Oppo finally offered assess to Netflix and other online media sources on their players. It took a while for them to include these, yet they've always offered other media capabilities others didn't have. This includes compatible media like HDCD's, MP4's and various audio formats to name just a few. They also can convert any 2D movie into 3D with the press of a button.

This and more recent Oppo models even convert up to 4K automatically.

Providing More Convenience for Peripherals
To show how comprehensive Oppo has been and still is, you can connect virtually any media device to the player. This includes set-top boxes, smartphones and even tablets. It's a Blu-ray player with few limitations and can turn it into its own media center without taking up a huge amount of space.

Come and buy our Oppo Blu-ray players here at Bombay Electronics and see for yourself why Oppo should be a household name. You'll be able to enjoy any region DVD without worry of making a phone call to tech support.

Contact us if you have any questions or comments about our electronics inventory. We're here to help gain the best discounts on the best names electronics have to offer.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

OREI HDMI Splitters: For Entertainment Aficionados that Demand Quality

OREI HDMI splitters are convenient to have if you have more than one television or device and want to distribute A/V signals to all of them at the same time. They tend to come with various port configurations. The port configurations determine how many devices may receive the signal simultaneously.
Take the OREI HD-108 splitter as a great example. It can accommodate up to 8 devices at a time. It is also compatible with a large assortment of audio and visual formats. Not every HDMI splitter on the market today has those highly coveted capabilities.
Speaking of which, some of the OREI HDMI splitters are 3D enabled and capable of being used with various HDMI extenders. The 3D enabled splitters and extenders are ideal when you want to transmit a 1080p video resolution signal for distances in excess of 200 feet. The OREI-HDMI splitter that we mentioned previously is 3D enabled. Other models that have 3D support are the OREI HDS-102, OREI HD-202, OREI HD-602, OREI HD-104 and the OREI HD-102.
The other great thing about some of those models is that they are 4K/2K resolution compatible. Just in case you are unfamiliar with those formats, they utilize horizontal resolution. In doing so, those formats are able to produce an image better than 1080p. Thus, they are often used to create superb, digital programming and video games. The list of HDMI splitters that have 2K/4K capabilities includes the OREI HD-202, OREI HDS-102 and the OREI HD-602.
We should also mention that the OREI HDMI splitters are frequently paired with OREI HDMI cables that are less than 25 feet in length. The cable length has an impact on the signal’s strength as well. That’s why it’s best to use a high quality, short one whenever possible. The list of HDMI cable lengths available through our online store includes 3 feet, 6 feet and 12 feet.
For more information on OREI HDMI splitters, please contact us at Bombay Electronics. Our learned electronics experts may be reached by calling (877) 736-6349 or through our site’s live chat option.