Thursday, August 21, 2014

An OREI HDMI Splitter Can Be A Lifesaver For Your Next Event

Many of us enjoy our high definition products and devices. It seems that using high-definition products has become a standard. With the amount of HD products available, customers are happy to purchase the new HD gadgets and devices. One of the biggest reasons why people opt for the high definition products is because they have higher quality sound and video. In many cases, you can feel like you have your own high-quality studio or theater at your home. 

One of the many high definition gadgets that are popular are splitters, like the OREI HDMI splitter. This device can transmit video signals and audio signals to multiple screens. This device can work like the standard coaxial splitters that you've probably used many times before. 

How Does The Splitter Work?
The OREI HDMI splitter will stream from the different receivers at the same time. One end of the cable will be plugged into the source and the other end will be plugged into the splitter device. Many of the gadgets and devices we purchase are designed and structured to be HDMI ready. So, this means they are ready for the HDMI cables to be plugged in. The new televisions, computers, video recording devices, and video game systems are all equipped with the ability to be seen on multiple screens. You will not have to worry about finding different cables, wires, or software for those devices. 

An OREI HDMI splitter will be able to show multiple people what is going on. An HDMI splitter can be used for concerts, office conferences, public events that require videos to be shown, and in schools as well. If an office needs to host a training session, video conference, or seminar then a splitter an definitely give the presentation a needed boost and enhancement. 

An HDMI splitter is not a large device, and it can easily be moved and stored in an office location. No one in the office or other location will have to worry about untangling wires or stepping on wires. 

You may think the HDMI splitter will be difficult to use because of the features it has, but it is not. It is easy to install and easy to use. It is also reasonably priced, and you will get outstanding results for whatever purpose you need. Contact us for any assistance or questions about our HDMI splitter.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Are You Going On Your First International Trip? Don't Forget To Purchase A Few Travel Adapters

If you are going on your first international trip, you are probably going through a wide range of different emotions. You are scrambling around, trying to decide what needs to be put in your bags and suitcases. One thing you may not have thought about packing is travel adapters. Technology has certainly changed the way things are done across the world, and it may make the world seem smaller than it is. However, there are still big differences in the electrical standards. 

Yes there have been several changes and advances in technology and electricity, but standards of electricity has not changed as much. In the United States, the electrical standards are 110-120 volts. Other countries standards are 220-240 volts. Unlike converters, travel adapters do not convert the electricity. Travel adapters modify the different plugs so they can connect to the outlet. Travel adapters basically allow appliances and equipment with dual-voltage to be used in another country. 

What Type Of Current Will Be Used?
In a country like Brazil, it uses alternating current to get its electricity. Not every country is going to use AC; some countries will use direct current. When you are in one of those countries, if you plug in any kind of equipment into a plug that is not built for it, your equipment or device will no longer operate. If you will need to charge your phone or your camera, you will more than likely be able to charge it with your computer's USB port. However, you will still need to keep your computer charged. You will still need to do your research on the types of plugs you will see. 

What Kind Of Travel Adapter Do You Need?
You will need to find out if your equipment or appliance is grounded or not. You can find this out by looking at your plug. How many prongs are on your device? If your equipment has two pins or two prongs, it is considered to be ungrounded. So, this means that a device with three prongs is grounded. Wen you shop for the travel adapters, it is critically important to know this information. The outlets will not be the same for every country, so you need to make sure you are getting the right kind of adapter. 

At Bombay Electronics, we have a number of grounded and ungrounded travel adapters(also known as plug adapters). If you are planning to travel to more than one country, it will be a great choice to purchase a plug adapter that is universal. Contact us for advice on choosing the best travel adapter for your international trip.

The Oppo Region Free Blu-Ray Player is Perfect for Your Needs

Whether you're moving to another country and want to take your DVDs with you or you do a lot of traveling, the Oppo region free blu-ray is perfect for your needs.

For instance, the Oppo BDP-103 Multi Region Code Free DVD Blu-Ray Disc Player plays all region DVDs which includes zero through nine DVDs and A, B, or C Blu-Rays. It has a built-in PAL to NTSC converter which means you do not need an external video converter. There is dual HDMI input and output as well as 3D support.

No matter what kind of voltage you require, it has it. Both 110 and 220 worldwide voltage is included and since it is world class hardware modified, you won't have to worry about future firmware updates because it is compatible with them.

This is the perfect way to take your beloved Blu-Ray discs from home with you to another country or if you travel extensively and want to be able to watch your movies then you can do that too. It saves money because you won't have to buy new Blu-Ray discs simply because you're in another country and cannot view the ones you already own.

Some of the other features and benefits include WiFi, MHL compatible, 4K video upscaling, 2D to 3D conversion, RS-232 port, BD-Live 5, RS-232 port, 7.1 analog audio out, and more.
Purchasing a region free Blu-Ray player from Bombay Electronics is 100% secure, low price guarantee, fast shipping, excellent customer service, and you get free tech support on all of your questions about using your region free Blu-Ray player. If you want to learn more about what a region free Blu-Ray player can do for you, simply contact us so we can help.

Monday, July 28, 2014

How Can A ZAQ Diffuser Help You Relax In Your Home?

Your home is a pure place, and it should promote peace and tranquility. That is why one of the best ways to receive therapeutic benefits is by diffusing essentials oils in a ZAQ diffuser. When you need to get rid of those unwanted smells in your home, the essential oils can cleanse the air. The therapeutic essential oils do not only work on your nose, but it can also work on your brain.

An essential oil diffuser like the ZAQ Noor AromaTherapy Diffuser will disperse the oils into your home. You and your family will be able to breathe in the oils that are stress relievers, tension breakers, and an immune system booster. The essential oils are natural disinfectants that can effectively clear the air. There are several essential oils that can calm you and soothe you, and other oils can be used to invigorate you. 

Essential Oils Does Wonders For Your Brain
The essential oils can help your brain relax and think happy thoughts, like taking nice walks on the beach, the smell of flowers, or a nice walk through the woods and a nature trail. The essential oils in the ZAQ diffuser can also release any kind of pain, tension, and it can also calm your nerves when you are anxious or nervous about something. 

Wonderful Essential Oils For A Stronger Immune System
When your immune system is strong, you will increase your chances of staying healthy. If you do happen to get sick, your immune system can still defend itself. The different germs and different bacteria aren't always the bad guys. Everyone will have certain amounts of bacteria on our bodies our inside our bodies. In fact, without some of the bacteria we can't survive. Typically, any kind of essential oil can help with your immune system. 
Your brain's wires are designed to respond to different smells. Everyone is not going to believe everything they hear or read about aromatherapy and essential oils. You may not believe the benefits and advantages of its powers, but once you try it you will believe it. Are you ready to try a ZAQ diffuser? 

Contact us so you can get the ZAQ diffuser that will change the feel of your home.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Don't Forget To Pack Your Voltage Converter For Your Next Overseas Trip

So you're planning to take a trip overseas? You have taken a look at your devices and came to the conclusion that they are single voltage? In order for you to use your electronic devices in a country that is not part of the American continent, you will need a voltage converter. If your electronic device is a dual voltage, you will only need a plug adapter. Voltage converters are generally way more powerful than your dual voltage devices. 

Many converters can be heavier and larger than your regular plug adapters. People who are looking to purchase voltage converters are typically expecting to be away for an extended amount of time, or they are permanently moving away. The voltage converter will certainly come in handy when you are taking those precious electronic devices that you cannot make it without.  

What's The Voltage Difference?
North America uses voltage of 110v. Other countries, or at least most of them, uses a voltage of 220v. Most of the countries will support voltage of 100v to 125v or 210v to 230v. You will use a voltage converter because if your voltage is 110 it will be converted to 220.
If your voltage is 220 it will be converted to 110. Your converter will also have the plug on the end. If you are confused on what kind of voltage converter to buy, you can never go wrong with a converter that is of a higher wattage. The problem will be when you purchase a converter with not enough wattage. Also remember that your different devices will all have different needs. For your bigger items, you will need a more powerful converter.

If you want to step your voltage up or step your voltage down, you will more than likely always choose the right converter. You can check the voltage requirements on the electronic device. Make sure you check the requirements and adhere to them. 

If you have frequent flyer miles or you travel on the regular, buy the voltage converter so you can easily use your electronic devices. You can get fantastic deals on voltage converters by visiting our site. Contact us with questions or concerns about choosing the best voltage converter.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Matbah Stainless Canister Sets from Bombay Electronics Make Excellent Gifts

Gift giving isn’t always the easiest task in the world, especially if you’re buying for married couples and college students. However, there is a way to simplify the selection process and it begins with a visit to Bombay Electronics. In addition to bargain offers on popular electronic items, we also have great deals on Matbah Stainless Canister Sets. They are perfect for married couples and students. Here’s why:
  • Sleek looking, Matbah Stainless Steel Canister Sets make ideal gifts because they are gender neutral, compact, easy to clean and blend in with a wide range of interior design schemes. Plus, they are corrosion and heat resistant. So gift recipients may use the stainless canister sets virtually anywhere within a kitchen’s four walls.
  • The sets come with five, first-rate, round canisters, each of which is made by some of India’s finest craftspeople. The smallest, stainless steel container is 4-inches in diameter and stands 5-inches tall. The diameter and height increases with each of the set’s subsequent stainless canisters, ending with one that is 6-inches round and 7-inches tall.
  • What many people also adore about the 5-piece stainless canister sets are the see-thru, secure lids. Each of the five containers comes with its own one. They help to keep out harmful elements. Furthermore, the see-thru area makes the canisters’ contents clear to home and professional cooks alike with merely a glance. So there is never any need to open up and rummage through all five to find what one needs. Surprised gift recipients will surely appreciate that!
The other nice thing about purchasing a Matbah Stainless Steel Canister set from us is that there are great deals on other stainless steel, Matbah kitchen products too. Among them are non-electric rice/soup warmers, idly cookers, hot pots and masala dabbas. Therefore, you could combine the stainless canister sets with those other items to make an extra large gift box or basket. To learn more about all of the above mentioned products and more, please contact us today.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Region Free DVD Players: What They Are and the Benefits of Purchasing One for Your Home

What many people are not aware of is the fact that each country or region of countries has a numerical code for DVD players. This code stops DVD players from playing DVDs from a different country or region. This would be why many individuals are frustrated when they are unable to play a DVD from another country on their DVD player. The region code is preventing them from doing so. The region coding of DVDs and DVD players is meant to prevent people from purchasing and watching movies from another country that has not yet released in their country, or that may still even be in the theaters where they are from. However, with more and more films having global releases, the region coding of DVDs now seems antiquated.

Luckily, there are now DVD players that allow owners to view DVDs with any region code in their home. This device is known as a region free DVD player. If you have been frustrated by the fact that you have been unable to play DVDs from other regions in your home, here are just a few of the many reasons why you should consider purchasing a region free DVD player.

As was previously alluded to, region free DVD players are much more versatile than the single region alternative. These devices allow users who are global film connoisseurs to watch movies from anywhere in the world on a single device. These DVD players are also formatted to play DVDs of various video standards such as NTSC, PAL, and SECAM. This can be extremely beneficial for people with friends or relatives in other countries as this can allow them to exchange movies with these individuals without having to worry about playability issues.

Cost Advantage
Not only are region free DVD players versatile, but they are extremely cost effective. For many years, individuals who wanted to be able to watch films from other countries had to purchase multiple DVD players, otherwise their only option was to watch these films illegally online. Region free DVD players allow individuals to buy and watch whatever DVDs they want to legally.

The advent of region free DVD players makes watching movies easier for the global film connoisseur. If you are still not convinced of the benefits of region free DVDs, however, these are just a few of the many benefits they provide. Contact us to find out more about the benefits of purchasing a region free DVD player for your home.