Tuesday, September 30, 2014

A Foreign Plug Adapter: One of the Essential Items to Bring on Your Travels

When you travel to a different country, you may notice that different plugs are used, and this is when you will need to use a foreign plug adapter to charge or use the electronics you brought along. Since many countries require different adapters, you will want to find what you need before making a purchase.

Convenient to Have
Not having a foreign plug adapter can be a major problem, depending on where you travel. Going to a place where there are no nearby stores that carry these plugs can leave you without the use of electronics, unless you spend a lot of time and effort to get your hands on one. However, buying one or even two and bringing it along with you on your travels will help you avoid this inconvenient situation.

Avoid Potential Damage
It is easy to feel like you are at home, trying to plug in your electronics, only to realize that the reason the plug is not going into the socket is because you are in a different country. In order to avoid damage to your electronics, you definitely want to bring a foreign plug adapter as a constant reminder.

Essential for Preparation
In order to be completely prepared for traveling, this is just one of the items that you should not forget to bring along. While there are other items that also fall into this category, bringing along an adapter to use your electronics may be the only way you will get to use them.

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A Region Free Blu Ray Player is Excellent for Travelers and Movie Aficionados

Blu Ray movies seem here to stay and while you can enjoy your movies at home, traveling out of the country may be an issue. However, while there are many reasons to buy a region free Blu Ray player and not all of them have to do with traveling. In fact, many movie aficionados may find that their favorite movie isn't available in their home country and may have to order it from somewhere else. However, then you have to have a way to play it.

For instance, if you love a movie that is only available in the United Kingdom yet you live in the United States, you may be able to order your blu ray movie from the UK but it will be in a different region code. The United States uses region code 1 but the United Kingdom uses region code 2 and the disc will not play if you try to use a Blu Ray player from the United States with a disc from the UK.

So whether you are traveling abroad or simply want to ensure that every movie you buy will play on your Blu-Ray player, you need a region free player and Bombay Electronics has a multitude of choices. Take for instance the Sony BDP-S1100Multi Region Code Free DVD Blu-Ray disc Player. It not only plays all of the regions but also has a PAL to NTSC converter that is built-in. It offers full HD 1080p and DVD upscaling. It's perfect for your needs and the price is extremely reasonable. It even has 100-240 worldwide voltage so you can take it anywhere and it will definitely play the discs you buy from other countries even if you're not traveling.

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Friday, September 26, 2014

Seeking International Relocation Help Can Help Relieve The Stress Of Moving

Moving abroad or traveling abroad can certainly be a bit frightening for some people. Many people have to move or travel internationally for work-related reasons. If you are moving with your family, it can be hard for everyone, especially if no one really wants to move. On the other hand, you will have some people who are extremely thrilled about moving. Whatever the emotions are, a relocation can be quite stressful. 

Fortunately, a relocation happens so often now that you can easily find international relocation help. There are several tools, resources, and support options that can help relieve some of the anxiety and stress of relocating. Wherever you plan to relocate, you are probably concerned about your favorite electronics and devices. Your devices are very useful, especially when you want to communicate with your employer, friends, and family. However, you will still need to charge them to keep them working properly. 

Most of your devices, like your laptop and cellular device are typically dual voltage. So, you may not always need a voltage converter to charge your device. You can damage a device if you use a voltage converter when the device doesn't need one. It is important to find out if your device you are taking with you is a dual voltage device. We can assist you in determining if your device is indeed a dual voltage device; and if it is you will only need to use a plug adapter. If you are unsure of what kind of adapter you will need, we can help you find the right adapter based on your new destination. It will be beneficial if you take several adapters with you so you can keep all of your devices charged. 

Your favorite devices will not do you any good if you can't recharge your devices or if you use the wrong adapter or converter. It is important that you do your research before you relocate. Every country will have it's own type of outlets for electrical purposes. 

At Bombay Electronics, we can assist you in making your international trip less stressful and confusing. We have a wide variety of travel necessities that will meet all of your travel requirements. 

Contact us for any assistance you need before you leave for your new destination. We want to make your relocation experience a little easier.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Does Bombay Electronics Offer the Best Values on Region Free Blu-Ray Players?

Have you ever wondered, “Does Bombay Electronics offer online shoppers the best value on region free Blu-ray players?” If so, you’ll be happy to note that the answer is a big, fat, resounding, “Yes!” We do offer shoppers the most region free, Blu-ray bang for their buck and here are five reasons why that statement rings true:

1.) Best Blu-Ray Brands  
For starters, Bombay Electronics has absolutely all of the best brands of region free, Blu-ray players available. So you’ll never have to sacrifice special features and durability in the name of securing a low price. The list of region free, Blu-ray brands that you’ll frequently see on sale includes, but doesn’t end with:
  • Pioneer and Panasonic
  • Denon and Yamaha
  • Sony and Samsung
  • Oppo and Onkyo
  • Marantz and LG
2.) Best Blu-Ray Features
As we indicated previously, top-of-the-line, region free Blu-rays also come equipped with first rate, awe-inspiring features that you can trust will work as expected. Some of the ones Bombay Electronics’ customers seem to value the most are:
  • 3D/4K/2K Built-ins or Upscaling Options
  • Compact Design with Built-in Wi-Fi
  • PAL/NTSC Playback Capabilities
  • 100-240V Worldwide Voltage
3.) Best Lifetime Payback Guarantee
Speaking of playbacks, region free Blu-rays purchased through Bombay Electronics’ online store typically come with remarkable guarantees. One of them is a lifetime, region free, playback guarantee. It helps to ensure that you’ll be as happy with your region free player’s performance years from now as you are today.

4.) Best Money Back Guarantee
They aren’t the only reasons why Bombay Electronics is credited as offering their customers the best values on region free Blu-ray players. There’s also the added benefit of being able to take advantage of a full 30-day, money back guarantee on all region free Blu-ray players.

5.) Free Shipping on Select Orders
Free shipping on select orders is another feature that makes Bombay Electronics the best purveyor of region free Blu-ray players on the net. And trust us, it doesn’t take much to qualify for complimentary shipping either. In most instances, all that’s required is a purchase that totals $25 or more. To discover all of the details and continue learning why we offer the best values on region free electronics, please contact us.

Purchase A Multi-System TV That You Will Enjoy, At An Affordable Price

At Bombay Electronics, we offer a wide range of great televisions from different brands. such as Sony and Samsung. A multi-system TV will have the ability to maintain compatibility with different video systems from different countries. A multi-system TV is a television that can display your TV signal in different video formats. A multi-system TV is a perfect option for those who plan to move away from the United States, and for those who are planning to move to the United States. 

Typically, purchasing a multi-system TV in the United States will be less expensive than purchasing the TV from one of the countries you will be relocating to. Bombay Electronics has a wider selection of televisions than you may find in other countries. Our televisions can be used anywhere in the world. The TVs from Bombay support NTSC, PAL, and SECAM. Multi-system TVs that have a voltage of 110-240 can be used in North and South America, and typically anywhere else you may be relocating to in the world. 

At Bombay Electronics, our large selection of televisions are at affordable prices. You can choose to go small with a 22 inch, or you can choose to go large with a 55 inch television. Yes, multi-system televisions can display different formats, and they are also capable of using different connections to connect to a signal. High-definition devices and connections have been making significant advances over the years.

It is extremely beneficial for a TV purchase to be ready for an high-definition connection. High definition televisions have quickly become the favorite television choice, especially when it comes to your favorite movies, sports, and video games. We want you to find the TV that is best for you and your needs. If you already have your television, we want to help you find the equipment that you will need to ensure it operates properly. 

Feel free to contact us. We will give you the service you deserve, while offering you a wide range of multi-system devices at a great price.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

How Can You Put A Stainless Canister Set, Like The Matbah Canister Set, To Good Use?

Canister sets come in a wide array of styles, sizes, and shapes. Canister sets also are made from several different materials, such as glass, ceramic, and stainless steel. A stainless canister set, like the Matbah 5-Piece Stainless Steel Canister Set with Clear Lid, can highlight the particular location where you are placing your canisters. A canister set can also give you more room and space to store items. 

Storage For Food Items
Most canister sets will be placed in a kitchen because the kitchen area is probably the busiest place in your home. The Matbah Canister Set is a much needed addition to your kitchen because without having something to organize your space, you would have items all over the place. It won't just be used for decoration; they can keep your sugar, flour, tea, rice, and other food items safely stored.

You won't have to take everything out of your kitchen cabinets to find those items you have been searching for; they will be right there on the counter. Your stainless steel canister set will keep those food items fresh because they will not experience any kind of moisture or insects. Your cooking or baking supplies will work much better when they are not exposed to moisture. 

This canister set does not only have to be used to store food, there are plenty of other items that can be stored in the amazing Matbah Canister Set. You can even place your knickknacks in these handy storage containers. 

Stainless Steel Canister Sets Can Last Longer
A stainless steel canister set will stick around for a longer time than other materials. A stainless steel canister set is much easier to maintain than other canister sets because it has an easy resistance to any kind of fingerprints or marks. You can easily clean the canister set with a slightly wet cloth. The Matbah Canister Set will complement in home, no matter what kind of designs you have in place. This set is aesthetically pleasing, and you can place it on any kind of counter or table material you may have. 

Contact us if you're looking for a canister set that will give you more space, while adding a different look to your home.

Protecting Your Devices And Appliances With A Voltage Regulator

In your home, you probably have a variety of devices and appliances that have different power sourcing needs. What if one of your devices is plugged into a source that does not meet the voltage needs? If your refrigerator or freezer requires a voltage of 120V, but you plug it into a power outlet that has outputs 130V, what do you think could happen? 

A Voltage Regulator Can Be The Answer You Have Been Looking For
When your device or appliance goes through power changes, your device can suffer serious damage. If your device is experience a voltage that is too low or too high, the more sensitive devices will likely suffer the most damage. At Bombay Electronics, we completely understand that you don't want to damage any of your devices, especially the ones you use on a daily basis. That is why we want to inform you about a voltage regulator. A voltage regulator can ensure that your favorite devices, appliances, and equipment can have a happy and prosperous electronic life. 

The voltage regulator can help your devices maintain a constant level of voltage. The functions and aspects of a voltage regulator, like the Lite Fuze LR-1500 are designed to be used for a wide-range and variety of purposes. If you are using this regulator for a variety of purposes, the device will shut off if you overload it. The power regulator of your devices is made to fit in the regulator so the voltage or wattage needs are met. The LiteFuze voltage regulators are durable and designed for heavy-duty and continuous. 

At Bombay Electronics, we offer a wide range of voltage regulators/converters. Each regulator/converter we offer is made to fit the requirements of different devices. There are a number of different devices, appliances, and equipment that are designed. Those devices all have different electronic needs. We have the various electrical power equipment that you need to keep your things running. The voltage regulators we offer will provide you with great protection, especially when there is risk of overloads. 

Contact us if you need more information about how a voltage regulator works, or if you need help deciding what regulator is ideal for you. We are here to help.