Sunday, July 25, 2010

LiteFuze convertingbox 50% lighter than standard Voltage Converters Transformers

Bombay Electronics now carries the revolutionary new litefuze convertingbox™, it is so much more than just another voltage transformer. By becoming an Authorized Distributor, Bombay Electronics is able to offer low prices and full customer support.
LiteFuze convertingbox™ is designed with customers in mind. Equipped with smart sockets the convertingbox™ gets a cleaner design with simple plug n play. Most important of all the convertingbox™ is also reduced in weight by 50%. So customers no longer have to carry a heavy transformer where they travel. It can even be used as a travel voltage converter. The convertingbox technology allows it to produce a more efficient voltage transformer with less weight. This premium voltage converter from LiteFuze also features circuit breaker on the larger sizes and noise reduction. The convertingbox™ is step up or down voltage converter/transformer designed for continuous use and comes with a lifetime warranty.

The convertingbox is available in four sizes. Litefuze convertingbox 500, a 500 watt converter is so light weight about 4.5lbs, it can even be used as a travel converter. It is equipped with dual fuse protection for precise voltage caculations. Litefuze convertingbox 1000, weight approx. 8 lbs, standard voltage converters can weigh upto 20 lbs. convertingbox is also available in 2000 and 3000.