Thursday, April 17, 2014

A Look at Why LiteFuze Transformers are Top-Notch Picks

When it comes to step up/step down voltage transformers, one top-notch brand that you’ll find on offer at Bombay Electronics is LiteFuze. We have the LR, LT and LC Series models in stock as well as several LiteFuze convertingbox™ models. Here’s a brief look at why we love the LiteFuze Transformers so much:
Circuit Breaker Protected and Grounded
One of the best things about the LiteFuze Transformers is that the models in the LT Series are not only completely grounded, they are also circuit breaker protected. So you won’t have to worry about power overloads damaging your family’s equipment. We should also mention that with the circuit breaker protection you'll never have to replace fuses.
Universal and Shucko Sockets
Another thing that the LiteFuze LT Series models have going for them is that they all feature universal output sockets. There are also models that sport shucko output sockets too. Among them are the LiteFuze LT-1000, LT-1500, LT-2000, LT-5000 and the LT-8000. As such, the LiteFuze Transformers are also very versatile.

convertingbox Technology
The convertingbox technology reduces the noise level and vibrations in the voltage transformer to close to none. Enjoy the noise free voltage conversion with the convertingbox. The convertingbox technology also effectively reduces the transformer weight by half.

Wide Selection of Options
Speaking of versatility, LiteFuze Transformers come in a myriad of sizes and efficiency factors too. Some of the models feature cords that can easily be plugged into a household outlet. Others, like the LT-15000, are hard wired. Thus, they are best installed by a professional, licensed electrician. For details about all of the series’ various nuances, just ask our Bombay Electronics’ staff members. They’d be more than happy to help you choose the perfect LiteFuze Transformer for your family’s needs.

To ask for assistance and learn more about the various LiteFuze Transformers on offer, please contact us at (877) 736-6349. At Bombay Electronics, there are always bargain offers on LiteFuze Transformers available and sales tax is only charged on select orders. In-store pickup, voltage converter buyer’s guides and speedy shipping are continually available to Bombay Electronics’ clientele too.

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