Thursday, February 13, 2014

Find the Most Popular Region-Free Blu-ray Players

Region free Blu-ray players are a terrific way to accommodate ways to watch discs from other countries. And the same applies to when dealing with different TV formats once moving overseas. It's especially nice, though, for Blu-ray aficionados who want to buy discs from overseas and watch them here in America.
Yes, as many Blu-ray titles as we have here in the U.S., many international titles never see the light of day here. A region free player is all you need to play those titles, and you can find a player at a very affordable price here at Bombay Electronics. But with various models and price ranges to choose from, which one is really the best for you?

More Affordable Players
Some of our most affordable players come in the OREI name, especially our BDP-A3. Despite the cheaper price, there's no scrimping on quality in this model. With 1080p upscaling, the picture quality is excellent. You also have instant play the minute the tray shuts, unlike other players where you have to wait a seeming eternity for playback to start. Videos from USB can also be played by plugging into the back of the unit.

Well-Known Brand Names
Even household names like LG have very affordable players available. Consider LG's BP300 if you're looking for a player with Smart TV capability. LG is additionally known for having exceptional sound without having it reflected in the price. Dolby Digital Plus on this model lets you enjoy your surround sound to the fullest.

Beyond LG, you'll also find familiar names like Pioneer, Toshiba, and Sony selling lower and high-end region-free players. For those who want 3D, Orei mentioned above sells one of the most affordable 3D players available anywhere. The BDP-M2 offers both 2D and 3D playback, plus the ability to play on a standard TV as well as HD.

Then there's one name that everyone should know. However, it's only been known for a while by a relatively small circle of admirers.

Oppo and High-End Players
Oppo should be a household word in Blu-ray players based on their extreme quality. While they're more high-end, they used to only sell their players online and usually through their website. Now you can find region-free Oppo players here at Bombay Electronics. We recommend any of them, including the BDP-103 that gives you 3D capability and 4K upscaling.

If you want the best player we offer, Oppo offers it with the BDP-105, giving you everything you possibly need. It even includes an experimental feature letting you upload data and photo files from a file-sharing network.

The rigid chassis construction is what makes the Oppo brand top of the line, including their noted superior sound.

No matter what you choose based on your budget, you're going to pay less through us than what you'll find in standard online stores, including With our solid reputation, you can count on us to give you superior customer service and products.

Contact us if you have any questions about our region-free players. And call our support line if you ever need technical help once you have your player set up in your home.

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