Thursday, April 25, 2013

New 2013 LiteFuze convertingbox series Premium Voltage Converter Transformer

The LiteFuze convertingbox voltage converters transformers are premium light weight voltage converter/transformer equipped with the convertingbox technology. These feature smart sockets, circuit breaker protection, auto input voltage selection, detachable power cord, convertingbox noise reduction and half weight technology. The LiteFuzeconvertingbox 2000 also comes with a lifetime limited warranty.

Greater Efficiency

The LiteFuzeconvertingbox is even more efficient with low efficiency factor of 1.25 in comparison to other voltage transformers that have efficiency factor of as high as 3.0. With the low efficiency factory of 1.25 you can now connect more items to the convertingbox 2000 when compared to other 2000W transformers.

Auto-Input Voltage Selection

As simple as plug and play - simply connect the convertingbox to either 110-120V outlet or 220-240V outlet overseas and it will automatically detect the input voltage. You do not need to remember to set any voltage switches in the back.
·         WHEN 220V LED LIT - Step Up Voltage Transformer- Converts US voltage for safe operation of your foreign personal appliances and electronics while in 110/120V countries. All four sockets in the front will output 220V.
·         WHEN 110V LED LIT - Step Down Voltage Transformer - Converts foreign voltages for safe operation of your US personal appliances and electronics while abroad in 220/240V countries. All four sockets in the front will output 110V. than

Aluminum Outer-Casing

Reduces the weight of the convertingbox and will not interfere with other electronics with magnetic devices as opposed to other transformers.

Half Weight

convertingbox technology reduces a standard voltage transformer's weight by up to 50%. Thus, LiteFuzeconvertingbox is more convenient to carry around and easier to store.

Noise Reduction

convertingbox technology reduces the noise level and vibrations close to none. Enjoy noise free step up or step down voltage conversion with the new convertingbox.

Circuit Breaker Protection

Dual circuit breakers for each voltage will precisely stop power to the convertingbox on overload and keeps itself and your items safe from any damage. Reset the breakers in the back by press of a simple button. You'll never need to replace fuses on overload.

4 x Smart Sockets

The smart sockets offer cleaner look and make the convertingbox even more user-friendly. All sockets in the front of the transformer will provide Step Down or Step Up conversion depending on the input voltage.The universal sockets will accept virtually any grounded or ungrounded plugs from around the world. No, need for messy plug adapters to plug your appliances or electronics in to this transformer. The Universal socket will not accept the Big Type M adapter plug from South Africa

Detachable Grounded Cord

The package includes grounded US cord which completes the ground from the input to the output socket of the LiteFuzeconvertingbox 2000 for safe operation. Use an adapter plug to connect this transformer to other countries or simply use the proper cord for the country you are using the convertingbox in.

Lifetime Limited Warranty

As an authorized dealer of LiteFuze voltage transformers and converters. Your purchase of the LiteFuzeconvertingbox with Bombay Electronics comes with Lifetime limited warranty against manufacturing defects.

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